Children grow up quickly and families change

Each year is a mere memory of an age that passes by and yet as we capture images of those times on our phones and electronic devices, they become a shadow unless they are printed and displayed. Professional prints are far superior to any prints that a customer can have printed from home or an online print store. That's because our labs are designed to print for professional photographers using professional grade portrait papers that are archival and stand the test of time. The brilliance that professional prints offer from your photographer are unmatched due to the care that is put into the color corrections, retouching, and enhancements that are systematically refined and calibrated to match from studio to print lab. If you were to print from a big box store, your prints would vary in quality, This is why it's so important to receive your important prints from your photographers. They are an investment that you want to have last a lifetime. Our Murrysville location provides a beautiful backdrop for many outdoor settings or the indoor studio offers shelter for cover from the elements if your appointment is scheduled on a rainy day and can't be changed.

We have different sessions and packages available for families vs children. This is because a lot more time goes into photographing and retouching 20 people or a family versus 1-3 or even 5 small children. Sessions for children and families cannot be combined. This is because most children will not outlast the time that is set aside for the session. We ask that if you book a children's session, that you do not request business head shots or family portraits during the session. We would be happy to add these on to your session for an additional charge if it's more convenient for you to have it all done at one time, but with children's limited attention span, we want to make sure you are getting the happiest faces.

A Child's Life is for children and small single family homes with children under the age of 12 years old who are periodically looking to update their family pictures and create memories year after year. Children must be under the age of 12.

Family Pricing is available for families and extended families whose children are almost adults or who have gotten married and are creating new memories with the extension of their loved ones. During this session we can accommodate large groups as well as individual families. We know you may want individuals of the small children, but please be aware that they usually have a short attention span for such occasions and changing lighting can take time. Need a new business head shot? If you are prepared, this would be a good time!

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